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· 6 min read


In Multipass, the Minikube image is available with Ubuntu 22.04, Docker, and Kubectl included. So in the article, I will use the Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) image and set it up from basic with minimum requirements.


I'm currently reading Belajar Kubernetes Untuk Pemula. There is a part where we asked to install Minikube to try Kubernetes locally. So in this reading I will show You how to set up a Minikube instance using Multipass and Cloud-init then try that.

Before we start, I will explain about Multipass, Multipass is a tool for creating Ubuntu VMs or instances. It’s designed for everyone who want a fresh Ubuntu environment with a single command, and it works on Linux, Windows and macOS. Multipass could also be your alternative.

· 3 min read


I have several problems, when I create a Docker image on Ubuntu which in fact uses amd64 architecture then, when I share the image with my friends, sometimes they have problems. Because the architecture they use is arm64.


So in this article, I will make a short step on how to create multi-arch Docker image using Docker plugin: buildx.